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Showing with H&G ~ Trophy Room

Showing with H&G

We offer many opportunities for riders to compete and succeed, whether at our own H&G Show Series, day shows in Montgomery and Newnan or away shows in Georgia. See Horse Shows for a list of our upcoming horse shows.

H&G Horse Show Series

Our show season lasts from March until November. Points are cumulative and year-end awards are given to top riders. To be eligible for Year Award you must become an H&G Member. See our Horse Shows page for a list of our upcoming show dates.

H&G Horse Shows are professionally managed while offering a relaxed atmosphere for participants. H&G Show are ideal for all levels of competitors and a great opportunity for family and friends to cheer you on. Please always verify by phone a show date.

Horse Showing 101

Congratulations! You're going to a horse show! The challenge of testing the horsemanship skills you have learned against the skills of other competitors can be very rewarding. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:
  • The First Step

    Watch the bulletin board in the upper barn for a listing of upcoming horse shows. Talk to your instructor about your desire to participate. Choose a show to fit your family's schedule and budget. Attending a show, even at H&G, is a big commitment. Add your name to the list of the show you wish to attend and request a show packet from your trainer. This will give you all the details you need!

  • The Second Step

    Talk to your instructor about which horse would be a good fit for your showing needs. If you desire to show at H&G, you may select two of your favorite mounts and we will do our best to assign you one of your choices. Students who half-lease are guaranteed to ride their own horses. We will have you lesson on your show horse the week prior to the competition.

  • The Third Step

    Talk to your instructor about the proper attire to wear to the competition. You will be responsible for looking your very best as you enter the show arena. You also will be responsible for the care and grooming of your horse.

  • The Fourth Step

    The day before the show, you will "school" your horse with your coach. Your coach may or may not be your regular instructor. This is a chance to practice your learned skills and get comfortable with what the competition will be like.

  • The Fifth Step

    The day of the show, you will have your horse bathed and clipped, your tack cleaned and conditioned, and yourself dressed and ready at the designated time. Remember to be patient. Horse shows often require you to wait many hours before it is your turn to compete. Your coach may be busy helping many other students, so sit back and enjoy watching the competition before and after you compete. You will learn a lot!

  • The Big Step

    Understanding the costs involved in showing is a large part of your commitment. Please talk with your instructor about all fees for the big day. The Next Step - Invite your entire family to share this experience with you! Competing is a wonderful confidence builder and it is fun to have people who love you cheer you on! Mark your calendar. We will see you at the horse show!

If you are interested in taking the next step in Horse Showing please schedule a time to talk to your trainer about your horse show future.

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